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Grade N35 is the lowest grade of strong neodymium magnet on the market, however they are also the least expensive neodymium magnets. In many cases the strongest neodymium magnets (N52 Grade) are not required for your project.

Block Magnet

Size of Block Magnets in mm

Block magnets are six-sided magnet with straight sides where all angles are right angles (90°). Opposite sides of the magnet are parallel. They are commonly used in holding applications where they fit within a channel to increase their holding force. We carry a selection of different shapes and sizes and can manufacture magnets to our customers’ specifications.

Disc Magnet

Size of Block Magnets in mm

Disc magnets are thin flat circular magnets where the thickness does not exceed the diameter. They are the most commonly used magnet shape and the most versatile. They are used in holding applications where a hole is drilled and the magnet is recessed into the hole.

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